Stocking Your Shop

Add as many products as you need!

Define as many  products as you like.

You will specify both short and detailed descriptions of the products which automatically appear on the front end of your shop, displayed according to the layout you choose.

You can also define as many different attributes as you need to associate with your product - these are desciptors, like colour; material; length etc.

Attributes can be used to both describe your products, and also to help search and sort them.

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Add as many images as you need!

Add as many images to your products as you need.

Images are automatically resized to fit the display requirement and you can automatically add a watermark, such as your company logo, to all your images, if you wish.

All product pages incorporate an in-built image zoom facility.

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There are 6 different product types available, giving you the flexibility to fully specify anything that you want to sell. You might not have thought about your product types yet, but as soon as you start to stock your shop you will realise how important it is to have the ability to specify different types of product:

  • simple products - are individual items that can be placed under stock control or not, as you choose, e.g. a blue shirt.

  • grouped products - are groups of simple products displayed on the same page, so the user can select which items he wants from the group, e.g. a blue outfit comprising a blue shirt, jeans, a jumper and a jacket.

  • configurable products - are simple products that can be configured using any combination of the attributes that you define, but with stock control maintained on the individual items, e.g. a blue shirt supplied in different neck sizes, each with long or short sleeves.

  • bundled products - are groups of simple products sold together as a one unit at a price that does not have to be the sum of the individual simple product prices, e.g. sell a blue outfit at a 20% discount on the cost of buying the items individually.

  • downloadable products - are products that can be downloaded once payment is made, e.g. software.

  • virtual products - are products that aren't physically despatched e.g. supply of a service or installation of your Build Me A Shop ecommerce software.

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Specify as many products as you need!

You can create different pricing structures for different customer groups and apply VAT to your prices based on the customers' location, the product type or the customers' group.

For example, you could add the VAT when displaying retail prices, but not add the VAT to the prices when displaying them to wholesale customers; or you could choose to remove the VAT altogether for customers resident in the Channel Islands.

You can also define multi-tier pricing, if required:
eg Buy 1 for £10 or Buy 2 for £8 each.

If you have set up configurable products you can charge extra or less for particular configurable product options, so you could, for example, charge extra for a product supplied in a larger size.

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Inventory Control

All of your products can be under stock control, if you wish, or you can turn stock control on or off just for particular products and enable RSS feeds for low stock alerts.

When a stock controlled item is sold the quantity in stock is automatically decremented; similarly you can choose to put an item back into stock when a credit memo is created.

You can choose whether to display your stock holding to your customers or keep it private.

You can also choose whether you continue selling items that become "out of stock", or automaticaly suspend sales until more stock arrives.

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