Designing Your Checkout

One Page Checkout Avoids Checkout Abandonment

Your shop will be configured with a one page checkout to make the process faster and reduce the risk of customers leaving the checkout before it is complete. (You can select a multi-page checkout via your admin panel if you prefer.)

As customers move through the checkout process a progress bar down the side of the screen summarises their progress and enables them to easily return to any step, should they need to do so.

There is also an even more streamlined checkout process available as an add-on with which you can enhance your shop at any time.

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Allow Registered or Unregistered Customers

You can configure your shop to allow unregistered customers to make purchases as guests, if they don't want to register, or require that all customers register before making a purchase.

Customers who register can move through the checkout faster by using their address book and (optionally) saved card details.

Registered customers can manage their contact details, log-in credentials, newsletter subscription, reviews and (optionally) saved credit card details from an account dashboard.

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SSL Support

You can securely take payments without installing an SSL certificate by using Paypal Express, or one of the off-line payment methods, but if you want to take card payments on your site you will need to install an SSL certificate.

As soon as an SSL certificate is installed on your server your shop will offer full security support for your orders on both front-end and from the admin panel.

The transaction will automatically shift to a secure, encrypted channel as soon as the customer clicks the “Proceed to Checkout” button; a padlock symbol will appear in the address bar of the browser and the URL will change from 'http' to 'https'.

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