Promoting your Products

Setup flexible catalogue and shopping basket price rules!

You can set-up very flexible shopping basket discount coupons with the ability to restrict their use to particular products, product categories, customer groups and time periods eg enter a promotion code at the checkout to receive a discount on a particular product.  

You can also use this feature to set-up buy-one-get-one-free deals or buy product X and receive a discount on product Y.

You can set up catalog price rules to display discounted prices to the customer based on the customer's group or on a particular product grouping. So you could provide all registered customers with a 10% discount for a defined period when they log-in to your site; or offer a 20% discount on products in a particular category for one day only.

Additionally, sale pricing may be applied to any product for a period of time that you define.

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Generate and send newsletters to your customers

Allow customers to choose whether to sign-up for your newsletter or not, or disable the newletter facility completely.

You can generate your newsletters using the built-in editor, or you can integrate with an external mailing system such as Mailchimp.

Newsletters can be scheduled and sent to subscribed customers as frequently or rarely as you wish.

Customers can unsubscribe from your mailing list at any time by clicking a link in the Newsletters that you send, or, if you register your customers, from their account with your shop.

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Configure site wide search

By default, there is a site-wide search facility accessible from the top bar of your shop.  There is also an advanced search that enables customers to search on particular attributes, that you can enable if you wish.

You can choose to configure the search facility with re-directs, so if a customer searches for X they are shown Y. This is invaluable if, for example, your customers are searching for a particular brand that you don't stock. That search would not normally return any results, but with search re-direct you can choose to show them the products that you do have instead!

You can also activate a popular search terms cloud to inspire your customers, based on what other people have been searching for.

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Allow customers to compare products side by side

The product compare tool enables customers to compare selected products and their attributes side-by-side.

When a customer is viewing a product they can click the 'Add to Compare' link to add the product to a compare list.  The compare list is shown in a side menu bar.  Products can be added or removed and the list can be viewed or printed at any time.

You define the product attributes that are compared within the list.

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Enable the product review feature

The product review feature enables customers to rate your products and services, based on a set of criteria that you define. 

You can decide whether reviews need to be moderated before they are shown on the front end of your website so that you can filter out spam or respond to any comments that you feel are unjust.

Other promotional features available include...

  • customer wish lists with the ability for customers to add comments and send their wishlist to friends via email,
  • the ability to set-up related products, up-sells and cross sells for each product, which can be shown with your product in the side bar, on the product details page or on the shopping basket view,
  • customer polls based on any criteria so that customers can vote and then see the current result of the poll
  • send to a friend emails and share on facebook links on all products,
  • breadcrumbs help your customers easily navigate around your shop.
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