Magento Marketing Tools and Promotions
Magento Marketing Tools and Promotions
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Course Objective

To provide the skills necessary to enhance your Magento website by setting up promotions, using variable pricing and sending mailshots.

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Course Description

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All sections of this course include practical demonstrations and worked examples relevant to the delegate's business.

Magento's Promotional Pricing Toots

  • Sale pricing
  • Customer group pricing
  • Shopping cart price rules
  • Catalog price rules

Cross-selling, Up-selling and Related Products

More Pricing Examples

  • Setting up a voucher code
  • Discount prices for trade customers
  • Buy One Get One Free

Using Advanced Catalogue Features to Promote Your Products

  • Layered navigation
  • Compare tool
  • Catalogue list sorting
  • Search
  • Product alerts
  • Product reviews

Newsletters and Promotional emails

  • Magento's Newsletter Functionality
  • Interfacing to external tools
Prerequisites and Additional Information

Additional Information

Duration 1 Day
Start Time 10:00 AM (TBC)
Finish Time 4:00 PM (TBC)
Magento Version This course will focus on the latest stable release of Magento Community Edition although all knowledge is transferable to the Enterprise Edition.
Who Should Attend? Anyone who is using Magento and wishes to enhance their website by using variable pricing and Newsletter mailshots.
Course Prerequisites You should be familiar with the Magento Admin System and be computer literate (ie you should be familiar with using the internet and basic computer packages such as a word processor) .
Number of Delegates This course will be held on your site for up to 2 delegates. It is preferable that each delegate has access to an internet enabled PC during the training.
Additional Delegate Cost £95.00