Adding Content and Linking Pages
Adding Content and Linking Pages
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Course Objective

To provide the skills necessary to enhance your Magento website by adding static content and downloadable documents.

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Course Description

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All sections of this course include practical demonstrations and worked examples relevant to the delegate's business.

Static Content

  • What are CMS pages?
  • What are Static Blocks?
  • What are Magento variables?

Creating a CMS Page

  • The CMS page creator
  • Using the WYSIWYG editor
  • Adding downloadable content

Displaying Products on a CMS Page

  • Promoting new products
  • Displaying individual products


Working with Variables

  • Pre-defined variables
  • Creating new variables

Working with Static Blocks

  • Pre-defined static blocks
  • Creating new Static Blocks
  • Displaying Static Blocks anywhere in your shop.
  • Using Static Blocks to enhance your category landing pages

Changing the Look and Feel of Your Shop

  • Configurable content
  • The system text editor
  • Installing a new theme
Prerequisites and Additional Information

Additional Information

Duration 1 Day
Start Time 10:00 AM (TBC)
Finish Time 4:00 PM (TBC)
Magento Version This course will focus on the latest stable release of Magento Community Edition although all knowledge is transferable to the Enterprise Edition.
Who Should Attend? Anyone who is using Magento and wishes to enhance their website by adding content pages and documents.
Course Prerequisites You should have a good understanding of the Magento Admin System and be confident using software packages such as Microsoft Office.
Number of Delegates This course will be held on your site for up to 2 delegates. It is preferable that each delegate has access to an internet enabled PC during the training.
Additional Delegate Cost £95.00