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Excl. Tax: £55.00 £66.00 inc UK VAT
Lightbox Image Viewer
Excl. Tax: £55.00 £66.00 inc UK VAT

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This module does two things:

  • firstly, it changes the standard Magento base image display and zoom facility on the detailed product view page to a clean, simplified display and enables you to control the way that the base image is displayed on the product view page. You will be able to change the size of the image window, and add padding or a coloured border of the thickness you choose all from your Admin panel.
  • secondly, when a customer clicks on either the base image, or a thumbnail image under 'More Views', a full sized version of that image is displayed in a 'lightbox' on top of the current page. Your customers will be able to scroll through all your product images using arrows on the lightbox. You can control the size and other aspects of the lightbox display from your Admin panel.

You can see the functionality of this module in operation on this page and all of our other Add-on Module detailed description pages.