Designing Your Shop

You can change the text and background colours of your responsive design to create the look and feel that you like and you can also add a background image to your shop pages if you wish.  Your shop will always look good and function properly on devices of all sizes from smartphones to desktop PCs.

It's all done via our simple-to-use theme editor. You can see the theme editor in our demo shop Admin Panel.

Choose your design!

[NB If you want a more complex design for your shop our theme is 100% customisable.]

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You decide how you would like your home page to look.

Your home page can be a one, two or three column layout and comprise any combination of text or images. You can choose to display your best selling products or simply products that you want to promote.

You customise your home page using the built-in editor. The User Guide will explain exactly how to do this, but we will also be on hand to help you, or do it for you if you prefer.

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You decide on the categories that you want to set up in your shop and specify them using the admin panel. Again, the User Guide will explain exactly how to do this, but we will be available to help.

You can add images and text to your category landing pages using the in-built editor.

You specify whether you want your customers to view category products in a grid or list format, or both, and which criteria you would like them to be able to use to sort your products (e.g. price, brand, colour etc).

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