Charging for Delivery


Calculating the cost of delivery and deciding what to charge your customers can be one of the biggest headaches for online merchants.

Magento is supplied with a number of relatively simply calculated delivery options, the simplest of which is flat-rate shipping.

Using the flat rate shipping method you can specify a shipping charge:

  • per item shipped, or
  • per complete order.  

You can also add on a handling fee to the shipping charge, which can be either a fixed charge, or a percentage of the order value.


More complex delivery options can be set up to specify the charge as a function of either:

  • the weight of the consignment,
  • the number of items in the consignment, or
  • the price of the consignment

The delivery charges are set-up by importing a CSV file which can be easily created in a spreadsheet program or Notepad and uploaded from your Admin panel.

You can specify different delivery charges for different countries if you need to.


You can also specify that the shipping is always free, or you can use one of the above methods in conjunction with specifying that the shipping is free once the order value exceeds a defined value.

It is also possible to specify free shipping only for specific products.