Apply for an Account is a cost-effective Payment Gateway supported by Magento out-of-the-box and supplied with your shop as standard. Card data can be input by the customer as part of your checkout process and then securely submitted to for authorization and capture when the 'submit order' button is pressed. This process is extremely fast and the customer never knowingly leaves your website. supports both Visa and Mastercard payments and provides secure facilities for recurring billing and payment card data storage within a customer's account, which can both be integrated into your shop at a later date, if required.

  • Accept VISA and MasterCard payments directly on your one-page checkout
  • Reduce abandoned basket rates by simplifying your customers' checkout process
  • Fully PCI compliant solution with robust security features
  • Peace of mind in knowing that your online business is being supported by card processing industry-leaders
Apply for Payment Gateway & Merchant Account Apply for Payment Gateway only